Personnel Training

Special classes in personnel training include:

  • Emergency Response Training This class covers the critical area of situation recognition and the different emergency response protocols that are appropriate in each. Included in this class will be
    • response training for on-site shooter, bio, chemical, radiological dispersion (dirty bomb) attack, and explosion and fire.
    • five emergency responses - evacuation, shelter-in-place, remain-in-place, limited quarantine, and a combination of these - are discussed in regard to each type of event.
    • emergency protocols, team building, and lines of communication

    The aim of the course is to raise the level of knowledge and self-assurance of each participant by giving them the tools that will help them keep themselves and their co-workers safe in an emergency.

  • Leadership Training This class follows the Emergency Response Training class and teaches the necessary leadership skills for creating and maintaining the safest environment during an emergency and ensuring operational continuity through knowledgeable and responsible behavior.
  • Scenario Building This is the third class in this series for those who have completed Leadership Training. The class develops various scenarios which they detail with their own knowledge of the company's culture and critical issues. Two brief simulation exercises are crafted around selected scenarios in order to encourage the participants to identify those solutions that will keep their units and personnel as safe as possible in an emergency event.