Staying Safe in an Uncertain World

A 3-Week On-line, Interactive Forum for Management

This three week program will be comprised of two parts:

  1. An electronic booklet in pdf format will be prepared and made available to participating personnel in the client organization. The booklet will cover a broad range of topics relating to counter-terrorism awareness and preparedness. It will include a bulleted, commented list with information about a broad range of personnel safety and security issues. The issues covered will be selected for their close alignment to the basic concerns facing participating personnel in a volatile and increasingly dangerous world.
  2. A three-week interactive forum during which time personnel will have the opportunity to use GGi as a resource to answer their questions on the subjects of greatest concern to them. Because the topics discussed in the booklet will cover a broad range of security (summarized below), the area of query and response will be equally broad.
    The booklet will be designed to raise as many questions as it answers, and the issues will be framed to generate queries about their specific concerns. The responses to these questions will be targeted both to the local concerns and to the more global parallels that relate to them. This will provide benefit for other participating personnel in other locations whose problems may be different, but who may face the same issues in different contexts.
    In order to provide the broadest level of support, GGi will make available to participating personnel a secure, password-protected site on the GGi website on which queries and responses will be posted. There is no limit to the number of personnel who may participate in the forum.

The following list of suggested topics is flexible and can be changed to incorporate specific issues that are especially relevant to the company.

Topics Covered in the Seminar

Introduction The booklet will first give a brief overview of the issues and the concept of enabling knowledge that will keep the company's personnel safer. It will then cover the following topics:

  • General Awareness Some of the most common daily safety concerns that are often overlooked but could present serious personal and corporate danger if overlooked. It will include the concept of the 'safety envelope' and the empowerment of knowing what to do.
  • Domestic Issues Crime vs. Terrorism in the country where you live and work. What is the relationship between the two and how can you better understand your environment in order to stay safer.
  • Home and Family Keeping your family safe through good practices and planning. Including home protection, awareness of your surroundings as a safety mechanism, defense against kidnapping, and personal protection skills for your family.
  • Office Protection The procedures and protocols that need to be in place that will keep your office, your critical systems, and your personnel safer.
  • Staff Training Simple ideas that will raise awareness and create the process changes that can save lives, protect corporate assets, and lower liability.
  • Travel What you need to know about safe traveling including air travel, trains and buses, and some simple principles of defensive driving. Safe and unsafe behavior in public places like terminals, theaters, stadiums, public lavatories, restaurants, during arrival and departure, and in transit.
  • Motels and Hotels Information that is critical to safe traveling, both at home and abroad, including what you need to know about reserving your hotel, selecting your room, traveling to and from the hotel, behavior in public areas of the hotel, and much more.
  • Bombs and Other Nasty Devices What to look for. What does a bomb look like? What to do before, during, and after a bomb attack.
  • Threats Who are the groups you need to know about? Religious radicals, nationalistic groups, and politically oriented terrorist organizations. What are the differences and what do they mean?
  • Operational Security Keeping your operations safe and secure, not only from external terror threat but also from internal sabotage or violence by a disgruntled employee. Some practical ideas for facility and process management that can make a world of difference. The different purposes of active and passive security systems and what they do.
  • Wrap-Up Summary At the end of the three-week period, GGi will provide an on-line summary of the content of the interactive forum.