Defensive Driving (3-day course)

This hands-on course provides an intensive instruction in those essential skills needed in potentially hostile environments. The learning of these skills can be the difference between life and death. GGi recommends a three day course which will incorporate all of the driving skills necessary for survival in the post-war environment in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Appropriate vehicles must be provided for training.

  • Day 1: Will start with a 2-1/2-hour lecture on Time and Distance, Visual Perception and Focus, and Vehicle Dynamics. The rest of the time will consist of hands-on driving exercises:
    • Slalom (steering control drill)
    • Brake and Turn
    • Emergency Lane Change
    • Backing under speed and maintaining control
  • Day 2: Will consist of a 2-hour lecture on current security issues such as, the ability to recognize a dangerous situation before it becomes a problem, Threat Detection and Route Surveys, Case Scenarios, and developing an Action Plan. The rest of the time will consist of hands on driving exercises such as:
    • Drivable Terrain (barricade bypass) and on/ off road recovery
    • Straight line backing and escaping the kill zone (J-turns)
    • Car Jacking or Attack Response (simulated attack scenarios)
  • Day 3: Skills will be taught that are specific to the driving terrain and environmental factors in the destination country. Mountain driving (Afghanistan) or desert driving (Iraq), for example, will be the concentration points that will include driving on narrow streets with tight turns and twisting alleys, etc. Convoy drivers will receive special training for their large vehicles.