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Industry Trends Quarterly

Quarterly customized reports on the individual industries. These reports, designed for senior management in strategic planning and risk assessment, study threat, vulnerability, and security issues specific to the industry. Each report will contain timely information about current threats and mitigation methods.


Executive Summary  A concise summary of the contents of the report.

Current Status Report  An assessment of the current environment within the industry. This chapter will provide an overview of the industry landscape as it relates to the threat of terrorism and the current risk levels pertaining to the companies in this sector.

Major Issues, Current Risks and Impacts  A detailed analysis of the major security and risk issues currently confronting the industry, including vulnerabilities and preparedness/mitigation solutions.

Forecasts  An evaluation of the predominant security trends relating to the industry and their probable impact on future developments.

List of Alerts for the Month  A list of terrorist alerts during the prior month that may have significant future implications on the industry. Each alert will be prioritized regarding its relevance to the industry.

Threat Update Table  In this table, the industry will be rated for threat level during the quarter. Also indicated will be whether the level for the industry has risen, fallen, or remained constant.

Current Publications  The list of industries in which this service is currently offered include:

  • Financial
  • Insurance
  • Chemical
  • Energy
  • Transportation
  • Utilities
  • Maritime

If you are interested in an industry not listed above, please indicate this on the subscription form.

Fee:  Four quarterly reports delivered either on CD or in electronic (pdf) format.
A one-year subscription for one industry: $295 ($125 each).

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