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GeoTrends Professional

GeoTrends is a monthly report on the trends and probable developments in global terrorism. Trends will be analyzed to reflect directional changes and their most likely impact on American business and commercial interests in the US and abroad.

Delivered at the beginning of each calendar month, GeoTrends will cover the global implications of regional events and trends. Sections will include:


Executive Summary  A concise summary of the contents of the report.

Global Review - Presented by global regions, (Europe, the Middle East, Asia, the Pacific Rim, Africa, South America, and North America). Each subsection will cover specific events, indicators, and trends in that region.

United States Review  Trends and indicators specific to the US. Identification of pertinent, new information and developing issues that add to or mitigate risk.

Forecasts  An analysis of the latest trends and indicators and what they mean for American commercial and business interests.

Alerts Summary  Events which have occurred during the past month will be reviewed with a brief analysis of their implications.

Fee : 12 issues of GeoTrends, delivered electronically in either pdf or text format at the beginning of each month: $295 per year; $175 for six months.

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