Security Consulting Services

Gerard Group's modular Counter-Terrorism Preparedness program provides enterprise-wide security and continuity planning against a terrorist attack or other catastrophic event. Gerard Group's goal is to close potential security gaps, optimize emergency response capability, and significantly lower risk and liability in the event of a catastrophic emergency.

  • Threat Analysis Every organization has a unique threat profile. This is defined by many factors, including location, operational activities, public profile, client base, etc. Gerard Group identifies only the relevant, credible threats that align with the client organization's unique threat profile. Using advanced analysis and forecasting techniques, Gerard Group analyzes the levels of risk and exposure for each threat, and provides the client with a detailed understanding of potential areas of risk.
  • Vulnerability Assessment Gerard Group evaluates enterprise vulnerability to the direct or indirect impact of a terrorist attack. Using a scorecard approach, we provide three levels of assessment and recommendations for mitigation:
    • Vulnerability Report Card provides a clear overview of three basic areas of exposure: Facility and Environment, Key Processes, and Emergency Protocols; and identifies key vulnerabilities in each area.
    • Critical Systems Assessment provides in-depth coverage of five key systems that are most likely to harbor inherent vulnerabilities. This includes IT Security and Personnel Training programs in addition to the areas covered by the Vulnerability Report Card.
    • Premium Assessment is Gerard Group's most comprehensive analysis. It provides an in-depth assessment of the entire enterprise, including Operational Processes, Supply and Delivery Chains, Communications Protocols, and Human Resources, in addition to what is covered in Critical Systems Assessment.
  • Risk Mitigation Gerard Group provides practical risk management solutions to close security gaps and to ensure operational continuity in the event of a catastrophic event. Gerard Group works with our clients to implement recommendations and to oversee the integration of security systems, protocols, and training programs. This includes security hardware systems and process, operational systems, emergency protocols, personnel training programs, and continuity planning.
  • Training Evaluation A team of Gerard Group training specialists will evaluate our client's current homeland security and emergency response training program and will recommend changes and enhancement that will align with current, credible threat and the evolving realities of terrorism. (See also Training for Gerard Group programs, including: Executive Safety and Personnel Emergency Response Training, Tabletop and Field Exercises, Red Teaming, Team Building, and Pre-Deployment Preparation for Personnel going to At-Risk Environments)