About Terrorism

The Fear of Terrorism

Let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself .”

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt
First Inaugural Address, March 4, 1933

It is difficult for many Americans to accept the fact that September 11 was not an isolated event. And it has, therefore, been easy to put off the proactive security initiatives that acknowledge the continuing danger.

But the continuing menace of terrorism around the world cannot be denied, and it is time to take the implications seriously. The threat is real. America and Americans are the prime target. This is a fearsome reality that we Americans need to face.

When considering the power of fear, it helps to remember that there are two kinds of fear that the threat of terrorism creates. One is always debilitating, but the other can be empowering.

  • The Irrational Anxiety is brought about by media hype, false alarms, and other events that result in confusion and denial. This kind of fear is debilitating and counter-productive in every environment. It increases a sense of insecurity and interferes with production and efficiency. Intense anxiety cannot be sustained for extended periods of time. It is soon replaced either by on-going background stress or by denial and complacency that enable us to ignore the real danger.
  • The Rational Fear where people recognize that the danger is real and develop proactive resolutions to counter the threat. It is a constructive reaction to a real and present danger. The process of understanding the nature of threat, and taking proactive steps towards definitive solutions creates an environment in which security can be significantly enhanced and continuity of life and ‘business as usual’ can prevail.

Anti-Terror Solutions

A strong proactive approach to counter-terrorism security has a number of side benefits. In addition to heightening the general safety of facility, personnel, and operational processes, it will:

  • significantly enhance your organization’s ability to continue operations as smoothly as possible after the event
  • reduce your loss of performance and efficiency in the face of the next catastrophic event by training your personnel and giving them the confidence of knowing what to do before they need to do it
  • strengthen your existing security and lowering your risk in other areas including accident, natural disasters, and crime.

Gerard Group's programs in Counter-Terrorism Preparedness are designed to help ensure maximum protection and training, that will provide your company with an added margin of safety and security before, during, and after the next catastrophic event.